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Terms and Conditions

Al Ansari Exchange PayPlus Card powered by Visa

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, as activation or use of the card (as defined below), shall be deemed an express consent by the cardholder and an acknowledgement to be bound by these terms and conditions and any modifications that may be in forced from time to time.

  1. The card allows you to withdraw cash without any charges at Al Ansari Exchange branches across the UAE. You can use the card globally at any ATM or outlet displaying the Visa logo (An indication of accepting Visa cards), subject to applicable fees. A complete list of cardholder fees (charges) is mentioned below.
  2. As the cardholder, you will receive the initial personal identification number (PIN) via SMS after collecting the card from the branch. You may reset the PIN at any Al Ansari Exchange branch or through the mobile app. Ensure the PIN remains confidential and is not disclosed to any third party. Violation of this clause constitutes a direct breach of the terms and conditions governing the issuance of the card.
  3. The card is strictly for personal use and cannot be transferred or sold under any circumstances.
  4. Al Ansari Exchange is not liable for any consequences arising from the loss or misuse of the card or its PIN. You are obligated to indemnify Al Ansari Exchange against any losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses resulting from such loss or misuse.
  5. Al Ansari Exchange cannot be held responsible if the cardholder or any third party are unable to use the card in case of force majeure or due to circumstances beyond its control.
  6. In the event that the card is lost or stolen, you must immediately notify the Al Ansari Exchange PayPlus card call centre at 04 377 2640. Failure to do so will result in you assuming full responsibility for all card transactions, regardless of whether they were made with or without your knowledge.
  7. Al Ansari Exchange reserves the right to issue a replacement card for any lost or stolen card, subject to the prevailing terms and conditions. Applicable fees related to the issuance of the replacement card will be your responsibility.
  8. In the event of any erroneous credits, Al Ansari Exchange reserves the right to recover the entire amount due from the cardholder without prior notice or advice.
  9. The card is and will remain the property of Al Ansari Exchange at all times. Upon request by Al Ansari Exchange, you are obligated to promptly surrender the card within the timeframe determined by the company. Al Ansari Exchange reserves the absolute discretion to withdraw and/or terminate the card, with or without prior notice, as deemed appropriate.
  10. Any disputes and claims arising from card-related transactions will be handled in accordance with Al Ansari Exchange’s terms and conditions applicable at the time.
  11. For transaction dispute resolution, please download our form, fill it out, and email it to [email protected].
  12. The terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the UAE. By using the card, you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the UAE courts. However, this submission does not prejudice the right of Al Ansari Exchange to initiate proceedings against you in any other jurisdiction, as necessary.

Card Holder Charges:

EventBasisCharges (AED)
Domestic withdrawalPer withdrawalAED 2.00 + VAT
Domestic Balance InquiryPer inquiryAED 2.00 + VAT
International ATM withdrawal (GCC)Per withdrawalAED 6.00 + VAT
International Balance Inquiry (GCC)Per inquiryAED 3.00 + VAT
International ATM withdrawal (non-GCC)Per withdrawalAED 15.00 + VAT
International Balance Inquiry (non-GCC)Per inquiryAED 5.00 + VAT
AAE Branch WithdrawalPer withdrawalFREE
Domestic POS TransactionPer transactionFREE
International POS TransactionPer transactionFREE
Transaction Decline ChargesPer transactionAED 2.00 + VAT
Replacement CardPer cardAED 25.00 + VAT
Statement Generation – Soft CopyPer requestFREE
Employee statement – Hard copy with signature and stamp – Up to 6 monthsPer requestAED 20 + VAT
Currency Conversion Fee (On international transactions)Per transaction2.1%
Pin IssuancePer instanceFREE
Pin ResetPer instanceFREE
Employer ReportPer requestFREE
Employee ReportPer requestFREE
ATM Withdrawal LimitPer dayAED 5,000
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