Corporate Remittance


Local Bank Deposit:

Al Ansari Exchange can facilitate local bank account transfers to any bank account in the UAE with utmost security.

Local Cash Payout:

Our cash payout service is available, within the UAE, for corporate clients who wish to offer convenient payment options to their own customers by visiting any Al Ansari Exchange branch to collect their payments.


International Bank Account Transfer:

Our wire transfer services enable funds to be sent anywhere
in the world, at competitive rates, through an extensive global network of banks
and agents. Bank transfers allow direct credits to customers’ bank accounts in
most countries

International Cash Payout:

Our overseas cash payout service is available for corporate clients who wish to offer convenient payment options to their own customers by having them visit any branch of specific Al Ansari Exchange agents to collect their payment within minutes.


Competitive Currency Exchange Rates

Al Ansari Exchange provides highly competitive currency exchange rates for international money transfers and foreign currency exchange to corporate clients on all major currencies, often beating the banks’ rates. We ensure that our clients enjoy the biggest savings by availing the best foreign exchange services through competitive pricing.

Extensive Banks and Agent Network

Our correspondent banking relationship with over 250 banks and agents having over 500,000 branch locations worldwide, enable our customers to send and receive money as early as possible.

Fast and Secure

Sending money transfers through Al Ansari Exchange is fast,
safe and secure.  We guarantee that our business partners and corporate clients will receive their funds in a timely manner backed
by excellent customer service at all of our agents’ locations.

Responsive Customer Service

Al Ansari Exchange ensures a great customer experience
characterized by prompt and highly professional assistance. A dedicated
customer care section is assigned at our corporate office to provide solutions
to all transaction-related queries, 365 days a year.

Collection and Delivery

This unique service enables our corporate clients to either hand over
or receive their cheques, receipts or valuable documents to or from our
representatives right at their doorsteps.

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