Corporate Services

Al Ansari Exchange Premium Corporate Services are an integral part of Al Ansari Exchange, which offers a comprehensive range of specialized services to multinational, large, medium and small scale enterprises, throughout the UAE. It caters to clients that register for our corporate services aiming to provide assistance and guidance in optimizing business efficiency.

We help make wire transfers simple, convenient, prioritized and hassle-free for our corporate clients. As a market leader we guarantee the best service at highly competitive rates.

Instead of using traditional approaches, we empower our valued clients to do things differently and with utmost security, using the latest technology and professional services.

Our Premium Corporate Services assist our valuable clients with the following:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Al Ansari Exchange offers one of the safest and secure domestic and international corporate remittance services.

Al Ansari Exchange offers an extensive range of premium services to its clients throughout the UAE:

  • Remittance worldwide
  • Foreign exchange (buying and selling of currencies)
  • Corporate cash collection
  • Payroll pay plus solutions (WPS)
  • Valid trade license or professional license copy including partners list
  • Valid Emirates ID/Passport copy with visa page of all partners listed in the trade license along with their contact details.(Ensure to affix company stamp on all above documents)
  • Official e-mail address
  • Along with the mentioned documents, you may obtain the Corporate Booklet and fill out with complete company address including – Emirate, area name, street name, building name, door/shop number, nearest landmark, contact person name, profession, contact number
  • For any query and for more information you may contact us on 04377-2666

International transfers arrive within two to four working days from the date the transfer was initiated.

The foreign exchange dealing and payment service cost may vary depending on the amount, type of currency, and destination of the transaction. For any query and for more information you may contact us on 600-54-6000.

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