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Remittance Services

Send Money Online and From Our Branches

Our expansive payment network connects you with more than 250 banks and agents. We have over 500,000 branch locations globally enabling you to send and receive money within minutes, all across the world. This sets us apart from our competitors and makes us one of the leading remittance and foreign exchange companies with an omnichannel setup. Moreover, our superapp is the highest-rated in the industry. Discover our wide range of money remittance products and services and choose the one that’s right for you.

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Instant Money Transfers

We offer multiple transfer service options so you can send money online instantly across the globe. Our services include:

Cash Express

Provides fast, secure and reliable money transfer services around the world

Western Union

Transfer and send money online internationally.

Local Transfers

Transfer and send money within the UAE.

Bank Transfers

Direct money transfers to bank accounts anywhere in the world.

Flash Remittances

Real-time bank account crediting to selected countries.

Direct to door

Direct delivery of money at your beneficiary’s doorstep in selected countries.

Send Money Fast & Simple with Visa on our app!

Money arrives in friends’ & loved ones’ accounts in 30 minutes or less.*

Remittance Service Charges


Service Charge

Below AED 1000 – AED 18.57 
Above AED 1000 – AED 25.24

Frequently Asked Questions


To transfer money, visit your nearest Al Ansari Exchange branch.
Alternatively, download the Al Ansari Exchange Mobile app.
You will get hassle-free service 24*7.

  • Ensure to keep your valid government issued ID (EID, Passport with visa, GCC ID, Seaman ID)
  • Depends on the nature of transaction provide the beneficiary details such as:
    For bank transfer – bank details of the beneficiary (Beneficiary name, Bank account number/IBAN Number, Branch name)
    For cash pick up – Beneficiary details same as per the valid ID and the country of destination
  • Source of fund – Will require based on the amount of transaction.


New customer
To send money online, kindly download the Al Ansari Exchange mobile app and complete e-kyc verification to create your profile.

Existing customer
For an existing customer of Al Ansari Exchange, download the Al Ansari Exchange mobile application and authenticate yourself using OTP and your Emirates ID details.

You will be able to send money by choosing existing beneficiary details or by adding new beneficiary details.

Al Ansari Exchange has an extensive network with the majority of banks and agents globally.

Your money will be available within minutes for bank transfer and cash pick up services.

  • Pay at branch
  • Bank transfer
  • Pay plus or Payroll card (salary card)
  • Master Debit Card
  • Visa debit card
  • Direct debit
  • Credit card

Al Ansari Exchange mobile app provides the facility to send money globally anywhere at any time.

The amount may vary depending on services you prefer. For any query and for more information you may contact us on 600546000.

Al Ansari Exchange mobile app will send SMS, push notification and online E-mail receipt for your transaction. Through “Transaction tracker”, on Al Ansari Exchange mobile app you will get the latest status of your transaction as well.

Visit any branch of Al Ansari Exchange near to you and raise a cancellation request. Also ensure to keep your valid government issued ID along with the proof of transaction while visiting the branch.

For transactions created on Al Ansari Exchange Mobile App, cancellation requests can be raised using the contact us option available on the app.

Upon completion of the transaction, the receipt will be sent to your registered email address.

Al Ansari Exchange provides an enhanced layer of security for our valuable customers from phishing and fraud activities.

Always ensure the authenticity of the online portal. Al Ansari Exchange shall never request customers to initiate a payment using alternate links shared via email. All payment providers are integrated within the Al Ansari Exchange app and navigation to these portals shall happen within the app itself.


Al Ansari Exchange has a vast network of branches across the UAE. You may visit any of our branches nearby your location with your government-issued ID and the reference number given by the sender.

Al Ansari Exchange will send SMS to your registered mobile number once the amount has been collected by the beneficiary (applicable only for local cash pick up via Al Ansari Exchange)

The charges may vary depending on services. For any queries and for more information you may contact us on 600 54 6000.


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