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23 Feb 2024

How to Start Investing in 2024

5 Simple Ways to Start Investing in 2024 If you understand the time value of money, you know that AED 1,000 today is more valuable than AED 1,000 five years from now. This is because you can invest what you have now and let it gain interest over time. Time adds value to money or, […]
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07 Feb 2024

What Is the Average Cost of Living in Dubai?

What Is the Average Cost of Living in Dubai? Dubai has been experiencing massive economic growth over the past few decades. A major driver behind this expansion is the influx of expat workers drawn in by the city’s superior quality of life, promising career prospects, ease of settling in, and safety and security, among other […]
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19 Jan 2024

5 Simple Ways to Save Money in 2024

5 Simple Ways to Save Money in 2024 Effective financial management is important for everyone, especially in a country with a dynamic economic landscape like the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Small changes in how you spend can significantly increase your money-saving capacity. Even a slight adjustment in your mindset will prove beneficial for your financial […]
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05 Jan 2024

Global Cyber Threats to Financial Systems

Global Cyber Threats to Financial Systems Maintaining constant vigilance against cyber threats is a practice everyone should follow. With online banking and corporate remittance, e-commerce and other digital transactions becoming more widespread, the opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities are constantly increasing. Protecting yourself against potential cyberattacks that can cause you to lose money and […]
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29 Dec 2023

Understanding the UAE’s Wage Protection System

The government of United Arab Emirates (UAE) has implemented various measures to ensure fair labour practices and protect the rights of workers.
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15 Dec 2023

A Closer Look at Money Transfer Operators

A Money Transfer Operator (MTO) is a company that offers money transfer services to individuals and businesses. Customers can use MTOs to send and receive money around the world, including bank transfers, cash pickups and mobile wallet transfers.
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