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Payment Channel Solutions

Convenient Cash Payment Service from the Largest Exchange Company in the UAE

Al Ansari Exchange offers payment channel solutions to UAE businesses. Provide a convenient payment option to your clients, partners and customers by enabling cash payment collection from any of our 260 branches nationwide.

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    Trust Al Ansari Exchange with our convenient Cash Payment Service . We have over 50 years of money transfer experience, averaging 150,000 transactions daily and serving more than three million customers monthly through more than 250 UAE branches and over half a million global branches, courtesy of our more than 250 international partner banks and agents.

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    Payment Channel Solutions in the UAE

    If you want customers to pay their unpaid dues promptly, provide them with convenient payment methods.

    Our cash collection service is a convenient payment collection service for UAE businesses that regularly accept numerous and considerable cash payments.

    When there’s a payment channel solution agreement in place between you and Al Ansari Exchange, your staff or authorised representative can proceed to any of our 260 branches nationwide to pay their bills and invoices. Your business partners, franchisees and other business entities required to make large cash payments to you can do the same: go to a nearby Al Ansari Exchange branch to deposit payments into your bank account. In either case, your customers and agents will find this arrangement immensely convenient, as they no longer have to queue at your office or the bank to make their payments.

    Our payment channel solution also makes receiving cash payments convenient for you. At the end of the day, we will account for all the funds we have collected on your behalf from all our branches. The same day, we will deposit the accumulated amount as per cutoff to your nominated corporate bank account and send a detailed and itemised transaction report for your records.

    This service effectively outsources your cash payment processes to Al Ansari Exchange, freeing your personnel to perform other necessary functions. It also lets you take advantage of our established network of branches.

    Need an effective and efficient system for payment channel solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Fujairah or Ras Al Khaimah? We’ve got you covered.

    Our Payment Channels Use-Cases

    Al Ansari Exchange has partnered with various public, private and government entities to act as an official cash payment channel.

    Governmental Departments

    Government agencies can tie up with Al Ansari Exchange to receive utility payments and government service fees.

    Schools and Universities

    Educational institutions can tie up with us to allow parents and students to pay for their tuition and other school fees through any of our branches.

    Telecommunications Companies

    Al Ansari Exchange can collect telecom bill payments from your customers.

    Food Chains

    Food chains can receive payments from branches and franchisees.

    E-Commerce Enterprises

    Your customers can shop at and check out items from your online store, receive a printed invoice or unique reference ID and then present the same at any Al Ansari Exchange branch to pay for it. This convenient payment method makes your store accessible even to those who do not have a digital wallet or credit card to make online payments or those who’d rather not use digital payment methods.

    Delivery & Logistics Companies

    Delivery & Logistics companies can partner with us for the management of their daily cash-on-delivery amounts. Their drivers can walk into any Al Ansari Exchange branch and deposit the cash.   

    Retail Shops

    Partner with us to receive payments for goods sold on your web portal and receive cash deposits from your branches, agents, franchisees and subsidiaries.

    Travel and Tourism Providers

    Airlines, travel agencies and other travel and tourism providers can work with us and allow their customers to pay for their bookings at any of our branches.

    Why Use the Al Ansari Exchange Payment Channel Solutions?

    Al Ansari Exchange provides fast, secure and convenient cash payment services at competitive rates.



    We collect payments on your behalf and deposit the accumulated amount into your corporate bank account on the same day.



    By outsourcing your cash payment collection to us, you free yourself from the burden and stress of safeguarding large amounts of cash on your business premises.


    Great Value for Money

    We charge a minimal fee for our cash payment service. In exchange, you get a nationwide network of branches that can receive payments on your behalf, free your personnel from cash collection responsibilities, decongest your branches or office (i.e., avoid long payment queues), and get itemised transaction records.


    Excellent Customer Experience

    Get immediate assistance with your concerns through your dedicated customer relationship manager and a customer care department that provides year-round customer support.



    Deposit your funds conveniently at any of our 260 branches across the UAE.


    Enhanced Brand Value

    The efficiency and convenience of our cash payment service will reflect on you and enhance your customers’ and agents’ perceptions of your brand.

    Inquire About Our Payment Channel Solutions

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      Payment Channel Solutions