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Great news for Al Ansari Exchange prepaid cardholders! You can now enjoy the convenience and security of Samsung Wallet on your mobile devices. Ditch the physical card and simply tap to pay – anytime, anywhere in the UAE and around the world.

Don't forget your Phone is now your wallet. Add your card to Samsung Wallet today.

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Here’s why you’ll love it:

Ready to pay the smart way? Here’s all you need to do:

Step 1

Download and register to login to the Al Ansari Exchange app

Step 2

Head to “My Cards”

Step 3

Tap the “add to Samsung Wallet” icon

Step 4

Confirm your card info with a few quick taps

And voila! You’re all set to tap and pay at millions of your favorite places, from supermarkets and cafes to transportation and online stores. No more fumbling for your wallet, just secure and convenient payments with every tap.

Ready to join the future of payments? Start tapping today!


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Terms and Conditions for Enabling Al Ansari Exchange Prepaid Cards

These terms and conditions (Terms of Use) govern the use of Al Ansari Exchange Prepaid Cards with the Digital Wallet (the Wallet) enabled on compatible devices. This agreement establishes a binding commitment between the Customer and grants authorisation to the Customer for the use of Cards within the Wallet.

Please review these Terms of Use carefully before adding or using any Card with the Wallet, as your agreement is implied through such actions. These Terms of Use are to be read in conjunction with the Al Ansari Exchange Terms and Conditions and Prepaid Card Terms & Conditions. In cases of inconsistencies, these Terms of Use shall prevail.

By enrolling your Card in a Mobile Wallet, you accept and agree to these Terms, expressly understanding that the use of Mobile Wallet is at your sole risk, and Al Ansari Exchange shall not be held liable for any loss, costs (including legal costs), or any liabilities suffered by you arising out of your use of Mobile Wallets.


  • Card – An Al Ansari Exchange Prepaid Card issued by Al Ansari Exchange to the Customer, which is not expired, blocked, suspended or cancelled.
  • Customer or You – refers to the Card Account holder of the Card issued by Al Ansari Exchange
  • Device – This includes but is not limited to, a smartphone, tablet or smart watch or any other device compatible with the Wallet solution, as determined by Al Ansari Exchange for the registration of Al Ansari Exchange Prepaid Cards in the Wallet.
  • Digital Wallet or Wallet – The mobile payment service, provided by third-party Wallet Providers and installed on a device, stores your card or account details, enabling a customer to make payments with registered devices and Cards.
  • Passcode – The secret code required to unlock a device, including a password, passcode, pattern or biometric identifier (where applicable).
  • Security Details – These are personalized information used for initiating a payment instruction, verifying your identity or accessing your device (e.g., a password, security code or biometric data such as a fingerprint or facial recognition).
  • Digital Wallet Provider – The entity responsible for supplying the Digital Wallet on your device (e.g., Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Samsung Wallet).


You are solely responsible for maintaining the physical security of the device and the confidentiality of the device lock, PIN, password, and other means to access the Wallet, Card credentials, or any other personal and payment information on or for the device.

By sharing the device and/or means of access to the device with any person, that person may be able to use the cards and access the personal and payment information available in the wallet. You are required to keep the device and the credentials secure in the same manner as you would keep secure cash, cheques, debit or credit cards, and other personal identification numbers and passwords.

The terms and account agreement that govern your Card do not change when you add it to your Wallet. The Wallet simply provides another way for you to make purchases with the Card. Any applicable interest, fees, and charges that apply to your Card will also apply when you use the Wallet to access your Card. The Wallet provider and other third parties, such as wireless companies or data service providers, may levy charges as specified by them.

Adding and removing an Al Ansari Exchange Prepaid Cards:

You can add your Al Ansari Exchange Prepaid Cards to the Wallet by following the instructions of the Wallet provider. Only Al Ansari Exchange Prepaid Cards that we indicate are eligible can be added to the Wallet. If your Card or underlying account is not in good standing, that Card will not be eligible to enroll in the Wallet. When you add a Card to the Wallet, the Wallet allows you to use the Card to make transactions where the Wallet is accepted. The Wallet may not be accepted at all places where your Card is accepted.

You should contact the Wallet provider about how to remove your Card from the Wallet. We can also block your Card in the Wallet at any time.

Privacy, Security and your liability

  • We shall not be liable for any loss that you suffer by using the Wallet unless it is directly caused by our gross negligence and/or willful misconduct.
  • In case of breach of confidentiality of the device or passcode, you shall be fully and solely responsible for and bear all charges, costs, losses, and damages whatsoever and howsoever arising from such breach. In the event you disclose the passcode intentionally or unintentionally, you shall indemnify us against any unauthorised payment, charges, costs or losses and any transaction effected due to such a breach.
  • You shall immediately notify us if the passcode is breached or is disclosed to another person or entity. You should request that we block the Card due to such disclosure or breach and you shall indemnify us for any loss, damage, charge or expense caused to us by such breach. Please immediately report to Al Ansari Exchange Call Centre at (04) 366 2117. This number is also printed on the back of your Al Ansari Exchange Prepaid Card.
  • In the event of fraud, loss or theft of the device, you are obliged to immediately report such loss to us, in addition to other parties such as the telecom provider, etc. Based on such reporting, we will arrange to block all Wallet transactions for your Cards. You can continue to use the physical Card plastic for all such enrolled cards. You hereby indemnify us against any claims, costs, charges or losses made in respect of any transactions effected using your device prior to notifying Al Ansari Exchange of the fraud, loss or theft or requesting us to block the card.
  • At its sole discretion, we reserve the right to refuse to permit any transaction if we suspect there is a breach of the Terms of Use or that fraudulent or illegal activity is taking place.
  • When adding your Card to the Wallet, we collect certain information from you to verify your identity in order to enable you to use the Card and facilitate your participation in the Wallet.
  • We shall also request certain account information relating to each Card you select to use with the Wallet, including the most recent transaction data but not the full Card account number. You agree that we may also periodically collect and use technical data and related information, including, but not limited to, technical information about your device to facilitate updates to our services. We may use this information to improve the products or to provide services or technologies to you, as long as it is in a form that does not personally identify you.
  • You may receive push notifications from the Wallet reflecting the Card account activity. If you do not wish to receive push notifications, they may be turned off within the Device notifications or the Wallet app settings.
  • If you have any questions, disputes, or complaints about the Wallet, contact the Wallet provider using the information given to you by the provider. If your question, dispute, or complaint is about your Card, then call us immediately using the number on the back of the Card.
  • You must cooperate with Al Ansari Exchange in all investigations and use any fraud prevention or other related measures that we prescribe.
  • You are solely and fully responsible for protecting your cards, wallet transactions and any other information on your device in case you lose or sell the device to any other third party or person.

Suspension, changes termination

We can terminate, change these Terms of Use or add or delete any items in these Terms of Use at any time. We will provide notice if required by law. You cannot change these terms, but you can terminate these Terms of Use at any time by removing all Cards from the Wallet.

The customer accepts and understands that it is his/her responsibility to refer to the updated Terms of Use on Al Ansari Exchange’s website and will have no right to make any claim against us due to lack of his/her notification or consent to the changes made to the Terms of Use by Al Ansari Exchange.

Al Ansari Exchange’s Liability

Al Ansari Exchange is not the provider of the Wallet, and we are not responsible for providing the Wallet service to you. We are only responsible for supplying information securely to the Wallet provider to allow usage of the Card in the Wallet. We are not responsible for any failure of the Wallet or the inability to use the Wallet for any transaction. We are not responsible for the performance or non-performance of the Wallet provider or any other third parties regarding any agreement you enter into with the Wallet provider or associated third‐party relationships that may impact your use of the Wallet.

Al Ansari Exchange reserves the right to discontinue and cancel the participation of Cards on any Mobile Wallet service without prior notification to the Cardholder.

Any Cardholder account information entered into the Mobile Wallet application by the Cardholder shall be solely responsible for the completeness and accuracy of such information.

When a Card is enrolled and activated in the Mobile Wallet, you will be able to pay for purchases with your Card account wherever the Mobile Wallet is accepted.

Al Ansari Exchange does not control how the Mobile Wallet receives, collects, or uses the information it receives in connection with a Mobile Wallet transaction or how such information is sent to, from, or stored on a mobile device during the course of a Mobile Wallet transaction.

Al Ansari Exchange is not responsible and liable for maintaining the security of such transmitted information at any point during the course of a Mobile Wallet transaction or the storage of such information on a mobile device during or following a Mobile Wallet transaction.

Al Ansari Exchange is not responsible and liable for any breach of security affecting any information sent to, from, or stored on a mobile device in connection with a Mobile Wallet transaction.


You consent to receive electronic communications and disclosures from us in connection with your Card and the Wallet. You agree that we can contact you by email or SMS at any email address or mobile number you provide to us in connection with any account. It may include contacts from companies working on our behalf to service your accounts. You agree to update your contact information with us when it changes.

Third party agreements and support

These Terms of Use are solely between Al Ansari Exchange and the Customer. Third-party services including the wireless carrier and other applications or websites incorporated in the Wallet, may have their own third-party agreements. You may become subject to these third party agreements when you provide such third parties with personal information in order to use their services, visit their applications or websites, or as otherwise governed by the applicable circumstances. Al Ansari Exchange is not responsible for the security, accuracy, legality, appropriateness or any other aspect of the content or function of products or services from any third party.

It is your responsibility to read and understand any third party agreements before adding or using the Card through the Wallet.

Al Ansari Exchange is not responsible for, and does not provide, any support or assistance for any third-party hardware, software or other products or services. If there are any issues or questions with a third-party product or service, including issues pertaining to the operation of the device, please contact the appropriate third party in accordance with that third party’s procedures for customer support and assistance.


A virtual representation of the Card is licensed to the Customer for use only under the Terms of Use. Al Ansari Exchange reserves all rights not expressly granted to the Customer.

You are granted a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, personal, limited license to install and use tokens and other credentials associated with the Card to make payments with the device solely in accordance with the Terms of Use. The license is limited to use on any device that you own or control, as permitted by any applicable third-party agreements.

You shall not rent, lease, lend, sell, redistribute or sublicense any right to use any Card credentials in the Wallet.

You hereby agree that the virtual representation of the Card in the Wallet or its credentials may be automatically updated or upgraded without notice to you. We may, at any time, at our sole discretion and without prior notice, expand, reduce or suspend the Card or any currency of transactions allowed using the Card with the Wallet.

The Terms of Use are governed by the federal laws of the United Arab Emirates as applicable in the Emirate of Dubai and any dispute, shall be exclusively referred to and finally resolved by the courts of Dubai.

Al Ansari Exchange reserves the right to terminate, change, add or delete any of these Terms at any time, with or without prior advance notice to the Cardholder.

The Terms of Use are made in Arabic and English, however, if there is any contradiction between the Arabic and English texts, the English text shall prevail.

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