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Al Maryah Community Bank and Al Ansari Exchange sign an agreement to provide cash deposit services into the bank accounts through Al Ansari Exchange branches

05 Jul 2022

Al Maryah Community Bank announced the signing of an agreement with Al Ansari Exchange, as part of its efforts to transform the banking services domain by increasing the level of convenience for its customers as well as providing them with more innovative services and solutions. As a result of this agreement, the bank customers will be able to enjoy instant cash deposit solutions in more than 220 branches of Al Ansari Exchange spread all over the UAE, without any fees.

The bank continues its endeavor to enhance its customers’ experience by utilizing the latest innovative, safe, and fast technologies. Starting with enabling its customers to open their bank accounts through its Mbank UAE application in less than 5 minutes, using their UAE PASS, and without the need to visit the bank or submit any paperwork, and now providing access to instant and secure deposit services from anywhere in the country through the vast network of Al Ansari Exchange branches.

Mr. Mohammed Wassim Khayata, CEO of Al Maryah Community Bank, emphasized the role of the agreement in supporting the bank’s strategy; which aims to serve the banking needs of the community, saying: “We are pleased to partner with Al Ansari Exchange to provide effective solutions within the monetary services domain, characterized by innovation and flexibility to achieve the convenience and well-being of our customers, as well as to enhance the role of the Al Maryah Community Bank in supporting individuals and companies in the community by launching a group of unique and unparalleled monetary services designed specifically to enable cash transfer transactions linked to the bank’s digital accounts with ease and security, In addition to launching more distinguished and unique banking services in the UAE in the future.” He added, “This cooperation comes within the framework of a pioneering strategic plan to develop basic and vital products and integrate them with digital transformation technology for the banking and investment services sector”.

Mohammad Bitar, Deputy CEO at Al Ansari Exchange, commented: “Our agreement with Al Maryah Community Bank, the first digital bank in the UAE, is a reflection of our shared vision and goals to improve customers’ experiences and provide communities with efficient and reliable smart financial solutions. Our cooperation offers many advantages to the bank’s customers, including free instant cash deposit service and access to a large branch network, and exceptional customer service.  We look forward to working with the Al Maryah Community Bank’s team to help accelerate the country’s shift to an integrated digital banking service system.”

In turn, Mr. Humaid Al Attar – Executive Vice-President at the Bank, said: “This agreement provides a smooth experience for our customers in the field of instant cash deposits, where deposits are subject to the highest security standards and speed by using the latest technologies. The service is available free of charge to our customers in Al Ansari Exchange branches, in addition to the distinguished services provided by Al Ansari Exchange through their customer support for extended hours until midnight, which serves our goals of providing the best solutions to our customers, pioneering digital banking services, and providing the largest network of branches for a digital bank in the UAE.”

All banking services for the Al Maryah Community Bank are available through the Mbank UAE application on the App Store and Google Play.

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Al Maryah Community Bank and Al Ansari Exchange sign an agreement to provide cash deposit services into the bank accounts through Al Ansari Exchange branches