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Al Ansari Exchange Plans to Grow its Emirati Workforce to 500 in response to the new Emiratization Program

22 Sep 2021

Al Ansari Exchange, the UAE-based foreign exchange and worldwide money transfer company, affirmed its commitment towards the UAE’s Emiratization drive to boost the national workforce in the private sector by pledging to reach 500 Emirati employees within the next 3 years. This represents a significant increase from the current 200 Emiratis working in various parts of the company. Al Ansari Exchange has developed a long-term strategy in support of Emiratization and in response to the government’s federal program, announced as part of the UAE’s “Projects of the 50”.

Al Ansari Exchange plans to increase the number of Emirati workforce by creating more job opportunities that suit the qualifications of UAE nationals and fulfil their aspirations, while also providing them with comprehensive training programs using its 5 training centers across the UAE which enable them to develop their digital skill base and engage efficiently within the financial and money exchange sector. This also includes opportunities for Emiratis to work in branches nearest to their place of residence allowing them to balance their personal and professional lives in a positive and stimulating work environment that will increase levels of happiness, satisfaction and career loyalty.

Mohamad A. Al Ansari, the Chairman at Al Ansari Exchange, said, “We are firmly committed to support the UAE government’s initiatives and efforts towards Emiratization by fostering local talents and focusing on providing rewarding career opportunities for young talented Emiratis of all categories and disciplines, which is a key priority in the UAE. This endeavor aims to develop and equip young Emirati talent with the necessary means to take on leadership roles.”

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