Al Ansari Exchange offers internship opportunities to GEMS Education students with new partnership

14 Jun 2022

Eligible GEMS students aged 15-18 to engage with and work alongside Al Ansari Exchange leaders

Al Ansari Exchange, the UAE-based foreign exchange and worldwide money transfer company, has formed a new collaboration to offer internship opportunities to GEMS Education students. The internship programmes have been introduced following the strategic partnership between Al Ansari Exchange and GEMS.

Under the terms of the agreement, GEMS students aged 15 to 18 are provided the opportunity to be immersed in the operations of Al Ansari Exchange as interns. In building the cooperation, both parties intend to make them workplace-ready and highly competitive should they pursue careers in the foreign exchange and remittance sector in the future.

The important new partnership with Al Ansari Exchange will be organised as part of the GEMS For Life programme, which combines three main pillars. These focus on employment experience opportunities with sector leaders such as this; university partnerships offering next-step advice and potential scholarships to its graduating pupils; and GEMS’ 400,000-strong alumni network enabling unique mentoring opportunities and building professional relationships for its students.

Georgette Yousef, CHRO at Al Ansari Exchange, stated: “It is pivotal to the success of our industry, or any sector for that matter, to have a highly qualified and well-trained workforce; our collaboration with GEMS Education is geared towards this. We aim to produce the best talent for the industry through the development of operational skills and experience enrichment, helping the young generation interns build a productive and flourishing future for themselves. The internship will give them vast internal exposure of Al Ansari Exchange practices, and provide them with the much-needed knowledge on how the industry works as a whole.”

 Matthew Tompkins, Director of Student Employability at GEMS For Life, stated: “The primary objective of educating young people at school is to prepare them to be successful throughout their lives.  As more companies are now looking to experience and life skills alongside qualifications, it is vital that schools react to ensure their students are properly prepared for the rest of their lives.  We are incredibly proud to be able to partner with Al Ansari Exchange to offer these kind of experiences and provide the students of GEMS life-changing opportunities.”

The partnership reflects Al Ansari Exchange’s commitment to steadfastly support and empower the youth of the nation in line with UAE’s mission to enable a nurturing environment for the future generation, as well as GEMS’ mission to prepare its learners for the industry and work while they are still at school full time.

 “We are committed to extending to the interns a supportive work environment and an enhanced learning experience. We are delighted to partner with GEMS For Life in this endeavour; a partnership that mirrors the UAE’s initiatives focusing on the growth of our young generation as an asset to and the foundation of the nation’s progress.” Ms. Yousef added.

During the duration of the internship, the students will benefit from the insights, experiences, and expertise of the leaders of Al Ansari Exchange. Through engagements with industry professionals, they will gain deeper industry knowledge and skills to help them map out their careers and give them an edge once they commence their job search.

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