Al Ansari Exchange inaugurates portacabin for visitors of the Philippine Migrant Workers Office in Dubai

01 Jun 2023

Al Ansari Exchange announced the opening of a brand new air-conditioned portable cabin for the visitors of the Migrant Workers Office (MWO) of the Philippine Consulate General (PCG) in Dubai and Northern Emirates, in line with its efforts to assist and support local communities. The new cabin was unveiled in collaboration with the MWO in Dubai in response to a surge in Filipino expatriates visiting the consulate for a variety of purposes.

Al Ansari Exchange and the Migrant Workers Office in Dubai led the initiative to relieve Overseas Filipino Workers, one of the largest expat communities in the UAE, from standing in queues for long durations, ensuring their comfort and convenience. The cabin is equipped with air conditioning, comfortable seating, and various amenities making the waiting experience more pleasant for visitors.

In addition to that, the MWO in collaboration with Al Ansari Exchange will conduct special programmes and trainings during weekends.  The portacabin is well-equipped to cater for the needs of at least 100 guests waiting at the consulate at the same time.

Ali Al Najjar, Chief Operating Officer at Al Ansari Exchange, said: “Our latest move in partnership with the Migrant Workers Office in Dubai reinforces our relentless commitment to our customer’s welfare. At Al Ansari Exchange, we are committed to supporting the local communities and this initiative is just one example of our efforts to assist and make a positive impact.”

Renato N. Dueñas Jr., Consul General of the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai and the Northern Emirates said: “We extend our appreciation to Al Ansari Exchange for its donation of a Porta Cabin within the premises of the Migrant Workers Office (MWO). The facility will be most helpful to clients of MWO in ensuring a comfortable space for those who are availing themselves of the agency’s services. This kind deed will surely benefit thousands of Overseas Filipinos in Dubai and the Northern Emirates who are tirelessly working to support their families back home in the Philippines.

John Rio A. Bautista, Labor Attache Migrants Workers Office Dubai and Northern Emirates added; “Our healthful thanks to the Al Ansari Exchange executives, Mr. Rashed Ali Al Ansari – Group CEO Al Ansari Financial Services, Mr. Ali Al Najjar – Chief Operating Officer Al Ansari Exchange. The MWO-Dubai team and the Philippine Consulate General sincerely express our enormous gratitude and appreciation of your kind gesture, and we promise to put it into good use. It is, therefore, our hope that Al Ansari Exchange will continue to be our partner and support us in our future endeavours for the benefit of the Filipino migrant workers in Dubai and Northern Emirates.

Al Ansari Exchange has a long-standing commitment to supporting the communities it serves, through a range of initiatives including corporate social responsibility programmes, philanthropic activities, and sponsorships of cultural and sporting events.

The new air-conditioned portacabin is now open and available for visitors of Migrant Workers Office in Dubai and Northern Emirates.

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