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Al Ansari Exchange Delivers Iftar Meals in All Seven Emirates

04 Apr 2024

Fulfilling a Ramadan Tradition for the 9th year

Al Ansari Exchange, the largest remittance and foreign exchange company in the UAE and a subsidiary of Al Ansari Financial Services PJSC [DFM: ALANSARI], maintained its commitment for the 9th  year to upholding Ramadan traditions and delivering 10,000 iftar meals across all seven Emirates while prioritising eco-friendly packaging.

This initiative reflects the company’s dedication to serving the communities it operates within. The programme ensures that people in need received Iftar boxes to help break their fast during the holy month. To achieve wider distribution, Al Ansari Exchange partnered with several government entities to distribute the meals across 18 locations.

“We are committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve,” said Ali Al Najjar, Chief Operating Officer at Al Ansari Exchange. “By providing iftar meals during Ramadan and ensuring we used eco-friendly packaging, we fulfil a cherished tradition and ensure those in need are supported and contribute to environmental sustainability. Collaborating with government entities to enhance residents’ well-being aligns perfectly with our mission. We hope this initiative inspires others to join us in giving back.”

Delivering iftar meals exemplifies Al Ansari Exchange’s core principle of corporate social responsibility. The company remains dedicated to initiatives that create a lasting positive influence on the communities it serves.


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Al Ansari Exchange Delivers Iftar Meals in All Seven Emirates