Al Ansari Exchange contributes 10 million dirhams to support the initiatives of the “Faraj Fund” of the Ministry of Interior

07 Mar 2022

Al Ansari Exchange, in accordance with a memorandum of understanding with the Al Faraj Fund of the Ministry of Interior, made a donation of 10 million dirhams for the benefit of the fund over the course of the current year 2022, in support of its charitable and humanitarian activities in helping inmates pending financial and civil cases in Punitive and Correctional Institutions in the State.

Under this humanitarian initiative, Al Ansari Exchange will contribute to repaying the debts of defaulting inmates of penal and correctional institutions in civil cases, alleviating their financial burdens, and extending a helping hand to their families. This step comes in line with the company’s commitment to its corporate social responsibilities, and its keenness to enhance the spirit of compassion and social solidarity.

During the past two months, as a first phase of the implementation of the memorandum, 2,300,000/ two million three hundred thousand dirhams were paid from Al Ansari’s donation, which contributed to the release of 69 inmates from all penal and correctional institutions in the country.

His Excellency Khalil Daoud Badran, Chairman of the Board of the Faraj Fund of the Ministry of Interior, stressed the importance of strengthening community partnerships between institutions and bodies operating in the country in the public and private sectors in order to enhance the quality of life for the Emirati community, extending his thanks and appreciation to Al Ansari Exchange for its societal and national role in supporting this category of society. Through the Al-Faraj Fund, which reflects a pioneering vision of this national institution in promoting social responsibility.

He pointed out the Al-Faraj Fund’s keenness to continue efforts in accordance with the vision of the wise leadership and its sound directives in alleviating the suffering of the inmates of the penal and correctional institutions and their families and helping them to return to their society and their families as good and productive people who contribute to the comprehensive development process in our dear country.

For his part, Mohammed Ali Al-Ansari, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ansari Exchange, said: “We are pleased to launch this charitable initiative with the approach of the Holy Month, to contribute to the release of the largest possible number of financially distressed inmates of penal institutions, and to alleviate the suffering of their families, in cooperation with the Faraj Fund and in support of its humanitarian endeavors. At Al Ansari Exchange, we believe in the importance of concerted efforts with the Fund, as we have a common vision to make a tangible positive change in the lives of inmates and their families, embodying the values of giving and compassion that are the hallmarks of our society.”

It is worth noting that the “Faraj Fund” has a leading role in providing humanitarian aid to inmates suffering from financial hardship and works on providing financial and in-kind donations and managing them in innovative and practical ways. The Fund is keen to consolidate the values of brotherhood, compassion and tolerance, and to enhance the spirit of cooperation and community solidarity.


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