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Al Ansari Exchange calls on the public to be more vigilant against fraudulent activities

30 Jan 2020

Al Ansari Exchange calls on the public to be more vigilant against fraudulent activities


Al Ansari Exchange, the UAE-based foreign exchange and worldwide money transfer company, emphasized the importance of the role the public plays to combat the prevalence of phone, SMS, and WhatsApp scams and not fall victim to these fraudulent activities.

In line with this, the company has urged members of the local community to be more cautious of suspicious messages and phone calls that they might receive and report them to the respective authorities, by contacting Dubai Police’s toll-free number 901 or via its online platform “e-crime” or through Abu Dhabi Police’s “Aman” service hotline on 8002626, or on


Mohammad Bitar, Deputy General Manager at Al Ansari Exchange, said, “Community awareness is the first line of defense in confronting the issue of fraud scams, therefore, the public’s joint cooperation with the authorities will help in preserving the security and stability of the society and protecting its properties. Community members can play a vital and positive role to ensure that strict actions are taken against phone scammers by not answering suspicious calls and fraudulent text messages. More importantly, the public should report this to the relevant authorities to crack down on the scammers, bringing them to justice, and holding them accountable under the law.”


Al Ansari Exchange carried out several awareness campaigns for its customers through SMS, printed leaflets and their social media platforms The company underlined that it does not ask winners of its promotions and campaigns to disclose any personal data over the phone nor asks them to pay for any fees to receive their prizes. Individuals that are contacted about prizes they won should either visit the nearest Al Ansari Exchange branch or call the customer service at 600546000 to verify the information.

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