Corporate Social Responsibility


Ever since its inception in 1966, Al Ansari Exchange has given high priority to community participation in the UAE and beyond, fully recognizing the importance of embracing the concept of social responsibility and promoting charitable activities since they form an integral part of our everyday life and play a crucial role in community development.

Al Ansari Exchange has launched a series of CSR initiatives and charitable programs throughout the years including programs to provide financial support to needy families, the disabled and orphans, as well as initiatives that support education, healthcare and charitable societies. Furthermore, Al Ansari Exchange takes keen interest in providing humanitarian and disaster relief assistance to different regions of the world as a part of its commitment to achieve positive change and promote its social responsibility.

Total Amount Donated

AED 119,400,000

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BENEFICIARY : King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center
YEAR : 2019
AMOUNT (AED) : AED 2,600,000

Event:King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center


Amount:AED 2,600,000

Objective:Supporting the pediatric oncology department at the King Hussein Cancer Center in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

YEAR : 2018
AMOUNT (AED) : AED 3,670,000



Amount:AED 3,670,000

Objective:To support mothers & newborns in Yemen.

BENEFICIARY : Kerala Floods
YEAR : 2018
AMOUNT (AED) : AED 500,000

Event:Kerala Floods


Amount:AED 500,000

Objective:To aid in the relief efforts in the South Indian state of Kerala that has been ravaged by unprecedented floods

BENEFICIARY : Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Cultural Understanding
YEAR : 2018
AMOUNT (AED) : AED 100,000

Event:Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Cultural Understanding


Amount:AED 100,000

Objective:Providing transportation for the students of educational programs and educational trips organized by the center for schools, universities and institutions.

BENEFICIARY : Emirates Red Crescent – For Somalia
YEAR : 2017
AMOUNT (AED) : AED 250,000

Event:Emirates Red Crescent – For Somalia


Amount:AED 250,000

Objective:Ease the suffering for millions of people who were affected from conditions of famine and war

BENEFICIARY : Sandooq Al Watan
YEAR : 2017
AMOUNT (AED) : AED 5,000,000

Event:Sandooq Al Watan


Amount:AED 5,000,000

Objective:To support the community initiative “Sadooq Al Watan”

YEAR : 2017
AMOUNT (AED) : AED 10,000,000

Event:Dubai Cares


Amount:AED 10,000,000

Objective:To support Dubai Cares’ various initiatives on the occasion of its tenth anniversary

BENEFICIARY : Dubai Autism Center
YEAR : 2017
AMOUNT (AED) : AED 325,000

Event:Dubai Autism Center


Amount:AED 325,000

Objective:Funding a new Speech Lab equipment

BENEFICIARY : UAE Red Crescent – “Reading Nation” Campaign
YEAR : 2016
AMOUNT (AED) : AED 1,000,000

Event:UAE Red Crescent – “Reading Nation” Campaign


Amount:AED 1,000,000

Objective:The campaign aims to distribute 5 million books to children in refugee camps and schools around the world, establish over 2000 libraries in various Arab and Islamic countries.

BENEFICIARY : Dubai Cares – “Education in Emergencies” Campaign
YEAR : 2016
AMOUNT (AED) : AED 1,000,000

Event:Dubai Cares – “Education in Emergencies” Campaign


Amount:AED 1,000,000

Objective:The commitment will initially cover 3 programs in Lebanon, Niger and Sierra Leone, in addition to future programs to be announced in the coming year..