Why innovating your customer experiences matter


Great customer experiences have become simultaneous with any company’s growth and success story. Customers now not only expect to receive an outstanding experience at every touchpoint with the organisations, but they also demand a better understanding of their needs and requirements throughout their journey.  


Taking into account technological developments and changing consumer behaviour, along with digitisation and automation, the presence of smart self-service solutions is practically natural. These devices allow a more autonomous experience, in addition to facilitating fast payment processes in the same secure and efficient way provided by the counter staff. 


Self-service is no longer nice-to-have, it’s a MUST in providing a positive customer experience and a seamless customer journey.


Our Smart Counters are an example of a hybrid self – service solution that combines the flexibility of using an autonomous platform allowing customers to perform their transactions with the ability to collect and deposit cash into the machine.  

This self-service innovative solution will help us connect with those who prefer to use cash alternatives but don’t want to wait in line. 


Effective smart counters are always a win-win. Customers who know exactly what they want when they approach the counter will be able to select their option and perform their transaction seamlessly in no more than 3 minutes without any need for an explanation from a staff member.


When bringing together some of the benefits, such as the quick service, avoiding queues at peak times, the comfort of being able to pay cash and receive a printed receipt, smart counters can improve customers’ overall satisfaction.


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