The best and safest way to carry money overseas

Life today is fast-paced, with an influx in payments made by credit cards as well as the exponentially growing emphasis on safety and security while making payments -particularly while travelling abroad. It is pivotal that before travelling, a lot of homework and research needs to be done in making the right decision on how money is going to be spent and through what medium. Maybe you would want to spend your money in dollars and cents? Perhaps even pounds and pennies?

Regardless of the currency, the Al Ansari Exchange Visa Platinum TravelCard is just the right product that you have been searching for! With up to seventeen currencies on one card from US Dollars to Japanese Yen, the broad span of our product is unprecedented, and provides a wide range of offers, experiences and discounts. With ever increasing dependence on ATM withdrawals and credit card machines, in conjunction with the dangers of dealing in cash during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the real reason that the Al Ansari Exchange Visa Platinum TravelCard stands out from the rest is the fact that it is smarter than any other traditional form of travel payment be it cash or traveler’s checks. This is because we at Al Ansari Exchange give you the ability to lock- in rates before you travel to make sure there are no unexpected currency fluctuations that could leave you coming back home empty-handed. As well as this, there are a plethora of other phenomenal features that make travelling a greater convenience than ever before! These include:

  • A dedicated website and mobile app to manage your money on the go.

  • Great exchange rates as you spend in any foreign currency.

  • Advanced ‘Chip’ technology with contactless feature for ‘Tap and Go’.

It goes without saying that the use of our card will guarantee you the highest degree of safety as you do not require large sums of cash in your pockets that could easily go lost or stolen within a matter of seconds, as well as a chip and PIN that will help maintain the security of your card at all times even in the event of you losing the card.

Moreover, you are also able to reap the benefits of the wide range of offers, experiences and discounts exclusive for Visa Platinum Cardholders wherever you travel, and you will be able to pay at tens of millions of merchant outlets spanning the globe using your card. Whether that be online, or in store.

We highly advise that before your next trip abroad, you request a card from any of the Al Ansari Exchange branches across the UAE in order to be fully assured that pesky conversion rates, a lack of security or high levels of inconvenience will not be an obstacle stopping you from enjoying your trip!

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