Our Emirati Talent

Saoud Abdulrahman Saleh Mohammed AlMarzooqi

I started working with Al Ansari Exchange as a part-time employee in August 2018, having just completed my high school and military service.  I was keen to become financially independent and had been lucky to be considered for the job at that time.

It has been three years since then and I am proud to have continued working with Al Ansari Exchange while completing my higher education. My current post and the work environment have helped shape my personality and taught me how to become more flexible at work.

Having a background and experience in finance and knowledge about anti-money laundering as well as currency exchange come with the job. However, I am learning so much more.  The life skills I learned around organizing my priorities, saving money, teamwork, helping and supporting colleagues, are all vital lessons that you can only learn in a place like Al Ansari Exchange.

Hala Al Hamoudi

I initially wanted to work with a government entity when I was offered a job at Al Ansari Exchange. I thought I would give it a try for several months and started to work in July 2015 as a part-time staff. Then I got promoted to Dirham Cashier and then moved to a full-time employee and started reporting as an FCY.

I did not realize at the time what a life changing moment taking this new job was.  As an introvert, I never imagined working at the counter and facing many customers, day in and out. However, I began to love my work as I gained a lot of new experiences every day. It gave me a new sense of excitement and anticipation that comes with every transaction, and I developed the drive to do more and exceed my target levels.

Since I started working with Al Ansari Exchange, I have adopted the company’s values and lived by them. Customers have become my priority at work, and I go out of my way to make sure their experience with us portrays our values. I am currently working as an Assistant Area Manager, and I don’t see myself stopping here.  My ambitions are high, and I will keep learning and working hard to achieve my dreams.

Ali Al Ansari

I joined Al Ansari Exchange on July 8, 2018, as a part-time employee at the Jumeirah Beach Center branch while I was still completing my education. It was an ideal setup for me, and I appreciate that I joined a well-established company.  Working at Al Ansari Exchange has given me a lot of opportunities to learn while on the job, work hard while continuing my education, as well as earn an income.  Since then, I have been promoted and moved to the ‘Treasury and Dealing’ Department as a “dealer”.

Currently, I am still pursuing my studies and developing my skills, and I appreciate being part of the company as I have always been passionate about working for an organization where I can truly make a difference. I have come to understand corporate cultures and the importance of brands, as well as working in a sustainable workplace.

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