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Customer and employee experience drive Al Ansari Exchange smart branches

Al Ansari Exchange introduced brand-new and innovative branch designs to enhance their customers’ journey and experience as well as employees’ comfort through digital technologies.

The state-of-the-art design and facilities will provide even more safe and seamless services, alongside a vibrant and pleasant atmosphere. It will be systematically implemented across several branches, and every branch design will be moderately revised according to local consumer demographics and competitive dynamics.

The mastermind behind the design concept and implementation of the smart branches was Mr Eisa Al Ansari, Vice Chairman of Al Ansari Exchange: “We believe that great design doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time, attention to detail, and clever thinking.”  He added that the shades of colours and lighting were meticulously chosen, “The colour palette remains the same (white, grey and blue) to retain the aspect of trust and the Al Ansari Exchange brand identity. The colour distribution is enhanced to reflect the new concept elements. The lighting solution considered the daylight effect in the customer lobby to add a warm and welcoming atmosphere to customers. New lighting was used to give a better experience for customers.”

To create a perfect balance between emerging and standard channels of customer interactions, both smart counters and traditional tellers were included in the concept. The incorporation of smart counters into the design is part of the company’s approach to introducing clients to its digital channels and increasing app conversions.

This leading-edge concept was the smooth incorporation of Al Ansari Exchange’s vision for the future marked by the valued insights of its stakeholders, staff, and clients. With this latest innovation, the company aims to build exceptional customer experiences, leveraging retail and consumer psychology insights at every decision-making point.

For instance, new and improved in-store experience in the branch facilities and digital technologies (e.g., smart counters, mobile app) is expected to elevate customer satisfaction. With this, Al Ansari Exchange works to increase efficiency with technology and it comes with some advantages such as more engaged customers and wider influence.

Mr Al Ansari highlighted that in addition to the customer experience, the design took into account the comfort of employees and ease of operations. Al Ansari Exchange believes that several factors contribute to employee comfort and productivity. Thus, in coming up with the new design, the team ensured that employees work under more convenient conditions, providing them with excellent ergonomic workspaces and upgraded workplace amenities. He noted that the designs will undergo continuous changes and improvements as a response to potential inputs from the frontliners.

The customer experience itself drives the use of digital technologies in all functions of our organisation. Al Ansari Exchange has constantly promoted digital transformation in the industry by employing digital solutions across all outlets. Embracing digital transformation is already a competitive advantage on its own, not only for higher customer satisfaction but also for higher operational efficiency.

“The introduction of the new concept required a significant amount of study and analysis before implementation,” Mr Al Ansari emphasised. The team spent up to 18 months researching the latest technology, techniques and approaches to enhance the look and feel of the branch to the optimum level.

When asked about the possibility of implementing the concept in all our branches, Mr Al Ansari affirmed that it was the intention to do so in the next 5-7 years, subject to practical consideration. He continued by saying that Al Ansari Exchange hopes to inspire other exchange companies in the region with its new branch designs.

Al Ansari Exchange envisions sustaining innovation for its customers by enhancing processes and technologies to advance services. By doing this, the company responds to changes in competition and trends, allowing avenues for creative development and continuous improvement.

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Customer and employee experience drive Al Ansari Exchange smart branches